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House with yard is available for sale.

Beside the house is another property (garden + small meadow) wich is appropriate for building and is availabe for sale separately.

Beside is another house (ruin) from another owner wich is also available for sale.

Price is discussable.
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no. Plots m3
746/7 House with yard 158 m3
746/3 House surroundings (Garage and yard) 940 m3
743/1 Garden / meadow (68% is suitable for building) - Sold separately 1.486 m3
746/8 Seccond house (ruin) with yard. - Available for sale 426 m3
Total: 3.010 m3


The house is located in the Vipava Valley, which lies in the west of Slovenia, in transition from central Slovenia to the Friuli plain. From the headwaters of the stream Močilnik under Razdrtim to Gorizia plane along the border with Italy. Vipava valley length is about 40 km. In the direction from east to west, the valley is divided into upper, middle and lower Vipava Valley.

Distance to the highway: ( 8 min )
5,9 km
Nearest city: Nova Gorica ( 14 min )
10 km
Capital city: Ljubliana ( 1 hour )
international borders: Italia ( 13 min )
13,7 km
Sea Sestjan ( 39 min )
37,7 km
Nearest ski resort: Lokve ( 38 min )
30,1 km
Nearest airport: (Friuli Venezia Giulia): ( 31 min )
39,7 km

The house is located in the Lower Vipava valley at the foot of the Trnovo plateau with a view of the Karst. Is located approx. 10km from Nova Gorica

For sports fans there are quite different activities nearby Šempas.

Gorizia municipality is known for its casinos and nightclubs.

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  • Šempas 58
    5261 Šempas
  • Municipality of Nova Gorica
  • Latitude:
    N45° 55' 52.311"
    E14° 45' 1.407
  • Info: